Math Department

Craig Parks 665-6738 Algebra 2, Calculus, Statistics
Valerie Friedly 665-6756 Algebra 1, Geometry, Math Lab
Kyle Sager 665-6717 Algebra 1, Pre-Calculus
Marianne Clausen  665-6716 Algebra 2, Geometry, Adv. Geometry
Kayla Thomson 665-7853 Algebra 1, Math Lab

English Department

Carmen McCracken 665-6715 10th English, Am Literature, CMC Comp, CMC World Lit
Zach Meseke 665-6748 10th English, Adv 10th English, Am Literature, 
Mike Mikalakis 665-6755 9th English, Adv 9th English, Great Books, Composition
Johnnie Echer 665-6714 9th English, Am Literature, Great Books, Composition
Tinker Duclo 665-6731 9th English, Speech, Creative Writing

Social Studies Department

Jen Morandi 665-6754 Geography, AP Hum Geography, World History, Leadership
Brian Gall 665-6722 Geography, US History, AP US History, Government
Damon Martinez 665-6721 Government, World History, AP World History
Paul Harvey 665-6737 Government, Psychology, US History

Science Department

Angela Brady 665-6753 Biology, AP Biology
Ben Kirk 665-6744 Anatomy, Sports Medicine, Biology, Physics
Diana Buirgy 665-6713 Geology, Biology, Physical Science, Forensics
Gretchen Jorgensen 665-6729 Physics, Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Physical Science
Terri Ell (Hoffman) 665-6719 Biology, Riverwatch, Wildlife Management, ELL

Language (Spanish) Department

Camilla Bates 665-6761 

Spanish 1, 3, 4, AP Spanish

Brandon Forster 665-6712 Spanish 1, 2, Spanish for Spanish Speakers 1

Art Department

Amie Renegar   665-6723 

Pottery, Basic Art, Sculpture, Arts and Crafts

Leah Wynveen

 665-6743 Basic Art, Graphic Arts, Drawing and Painting, Arts and Crafts, Digital Photography, Yearbook

P.E. Department

Jim Hoffman 665-6726 Weight Training, Health, Team-Individual Sports(TIS)
Jemiah Fowler 665-6742 Health, PE for Life, True Life Adventure (TLA)

Technology Department

Dan O'Meara 665-6752 

Introduction to computers, Marketing 1&2, Web Design, Photoshop Skills

Joe Bledsoe 665-6724 Drafting, Intro to Engineering, Intro to computers, Pre-Engineering 1&2, Weight Lifting

Music Department

Jay Duclo 665-6730 

Concert Band, Jazz Band

Nathan Wubbena

 665-6732 Varsity Choir, Concert Choir